Irrigation Field _ Lubbock, TX

West Texas, home of the sprawling cotton fields. The few things that break the bleak and flat winter landscape are these irrigation mechanisms.


Tumbleweed _ Lubbock, TX

The winter winds whip the tumble weed across the barren ‘hills and valleys’ of the once fruitful fields of grain and cotton.

Diablo Canyon _ NM


Hueco Tanks _TX


Last Chance _ NM


Tres Piedras _ NM


Preston Smith Statue

Without Preston Smith, Lubbock would be even flatter than it is now. Texas Tech was founded through his work. This photo captures him, the winter trees, and the famous Administration Building towers.

Texas Tech Law Building Sculpture

This piece of art on the campus of Texas Tech University captured the light on it’s twisted form one afternoon, capturing my eye as it juxtaposed the surrounding plant’s soft scape.

The Masked Rider

The Masked Rider has long been a tradition and symbol of Texas Tech University, so no compilation of the campus would be complete without it.


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